About the Score Report and Certificate

The Score Report and Certificate

All test takers of the Japanese Language NAT-TEST will receive a detailed Score Report. On the Score Report will be printed not only your general score but also detailed information on the percentage of correct answers and graphs for each question. Your strong suits and weak points on the test will be visible at a glance. This is also a great tool to use in your future Japanese studies.

For those who passed the test, a Certificate will be issued as well with your picture attached to it.

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How to read your score report

The Score Report contains the examinee's score and the Pass Marks for the overall and each Scoring Section. It also contains numerical values, ratings, and graphs for each question. The evaluation criteria for each question are as follows

  • A: Correct answers more than 80.0%
  • B: 60.0% to 79.9% correct answers
  • C: 40.0% to 59.9% correct answers
  • D: 20.0% to 39.9% correct answers
  • E: Correct answers less than 20.0%

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Format of the Score Report and Certificate

The Score Report is issued in full colored PDF format. The Certificate is printed on a white colored A4 sheet of paper and has the test taker’s photograph attached to it. Because these are exclusively issued at head office in Tokyo, the formatting are identical on all documentation. The seal we use for the Certificate is printed in black and white.

Score Report Certificate
成績表 合格証

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